Lettuce Wrap Sandwich

The best lettuce wrap sandwiches you will ever have. Low-carb, and a healthier option. Feel free to make these vegetarian or vegan as you can add anything you love inside your “ sandwich “ You will need the biggest lettuce leaves you can find and you have to stack them the way I am showing you for this to work. You can use any lettuce you love but make sure the leaves are nice and big.

Lettuce Wrap Sandwich by The Modern Nonna

Lettuce wrap sandwich

Prep Time 10 mins


  • very large romaine leaves 3
  • spicy mayo or any dressing
  • nitrate-free turkey breast or bacon
  • provolone or any cheese
  • pickles tomatoes
  • dash of salt
  • parchment paper for wrapping


  • Wash and pat dry your lettuce and cut off a bit of the stem. I only left the big leaves on mine and used the stems for another salad.
  • Mix your mayo and sriracha and add a little bit to the bottom. Feel free to use any dressing like ranch, hummus or anything else you love.
  • Place each lettuce leaf onto parchment paper with the leaves overlapping each other all aligned in the same direction.
  • Please refer to my video on my “reels” tab on Instagram or YouTube for the video method. I added spicy mayo to the bottom, turkey breast, pickles, tomatoes, salt on the tomato and provolone cheese.
  • You can use any cheese or leave it out if you are dairy-free. Roll your lettuce leaves upwards with your parchment paper and twist the ends like a candy. Cut it in half and enjoy.


Everything but the bagel seasoning is totally optional on top
I mixed my favourite mayo with sriracha to make my spicy mayo ( you can use any mayo you love ) and I only used 1/2 tablespoon of it. Please only buy a lettuce with big leaves and make sure you stack them all in the same direction. I bought Romaine and I cut off a bit of the stem. For anyone that’s dairy free you can absolutely leave out the cheese. My mayo is vegan and dairy-free. Add any favourite sandwich toppings such as black forest ham, roasted turkey, turkey bacon, or even regular bacon.


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